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Post natal care

The postnatal period is the length of time after the birth of your baby. During this time, appropriate care and support of the mother, baby and her partner and family is of great importance. We provide physical, emotional and socially appropriate care and medical assistance and we cater to the mother and her baby’s individual requirements.

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Physical attention required by the new mother during the post natal period:

  • After birth, the mother should undergo a perinatal assessment to check for any damage to your genital or anal tract or any risk factors like tears or muscle injury. If you gave birth vaginally, then there might be some sensitivity, pain or bruising around that area, which is why you need perinatal care. This ensures that there is no lasting damage post-birthing, because, for example, almost 71% of women who give birth vaginally undergo some form of genital trauma
  • Several changes take place to your body after giving birth. The most obvious is perhaps the fact that you lose about 12 pounds almost immediately after birth, and although it will still be a while before you get back to your old self, you continue to lost weight over the pre-natal period. For example, all the extra water retained in your cells during pregnancy is gradually lost over the first week. Sometimes, this can amount to almost 4 pounds. The uterus will gradually shrink back to its previous size and you may even feel the muscles contract as it tightens in
  • The skin texture may also change. If you had clear skin, you may experience breakouts of acne and vice versa
  • Mood swings may occur as well. These are probably due to a number of factors that include hormonal changes, discomfort sleep deprivation and the other demands of caring for a new baby, as well as the emotional adjustment to motherhood
  • Immunization is also extremely crucial post-pregnancy. This will immunize and protect you baby from nearly all major infectious agents, from Hepatitis B to Pertussis and certain strains of Influenza
  • As for breast feeding, hormonal influxes in your system will cause milk to be promptly produced post pregnancy. When your milk comes in, usually two to three days after you give birth, your breasts may get swollen, tender, hard, throbbing, and uncomfortably full. This is called engorgement, but the sensitivity should pass away in a few days at most. The best relief for this is to actually continue feeding the baby

At Beams, the fundamental aim of postnatal care is to offer as much advice and support as we can to both the mother and her child. This includes prevention, detection and early treatment of any issues that may come up and complete protection to help a new mother cope with all the physical and emotional changes.

We are located in major cities like Bangalore – Koramangalaand Mumbai – Khar