I was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid two years ago. My symptoms-terrible menstrual cramps that I could not bear. Even after eating 8 ibrufens a day, it would not bring relief. Surgery was a recommendation by all gynaecs that I went to well, I used to be petrified of needles and I have never had surgery. I have never had an illness where I had to visit a doctor, let alone being admitted in hospital- so surgery was too much for me to digest .So I decided to do alternate therapy! I started off on homeopathy with a renowned homeopath in India. After two months of homeopathy – I had acne all over my face (I have never had pimples or acne all my life. I have always had a clear skin). And my hair began to fall. I would lost almost 1/4 th of my hair!! My confidence was going to the rocks and for the first time in 40yrs I began to wear makeup every day! And even considered buying a wig! I went for the sonography and there was no improvement in the size of the fibroid – and the pain was getting worse. The homeopathy treatment was very restrictive- no chemical shampoo etc, no coffee, no perfumes, no spicy, no this no that- I complied to it all – but it didn`t work for me. I spoke to few ladies whose fibroid shrunk with homeopathy but they were near menopause, anyway. So I stopped it.

I then started Ayurveda with a very famous Ayurvedic doctor who upfront told me that the fibroid would not go away but his meds could help relieve the symptoms. I followed his strict boot camp regiment to the` T` which involved sleeping early (I am a late sleeper so you can imagine how tough that was), waking up early (that was torture), eating at timed intervals, etc. I did the sonography two months later – the fibroid had grown – my face had acne & acne scars, my hair was falling all over the place that my house needed sweeping three times a day!!! I stopped the treatment. I then went on to do- naturopathy, herbs treatment and even did an extensive detox program in UK which lasted for 24days.

Every 2 to 3 months I did the sonography & my fibroid kept growing & the pain was reaching to the point of torture. The doctor recommended surgery but I couldn`t make peace with it. I would keep trying alternate medicine `one last time &`one last time` but they wouldn`t work!!! Then I gave myself a “last chance” with another homeopath. He was damn good because the pain totally went away but a new problem of EXCESSIVE bleeding started and by now the fibroid had grown double the size. The bleeding became so much that I would faint multiple times a day and it would take me 20days to recover from the weakness and then the next cycle would hit me.

Then one day I fainted in the toilet of a hotel where I was the keynote speaker. 450 people had come to hear my talk & I was lying on the toilet floor. That’s when I said “THIS IS IT”.

I came to BEAMS because my cousin who had a similar surgery spoke very highly about their care & Dr.Manjiri`s skill. She kept telling me that the laproscopy is brilliant & I would be back on my feet in 5days & that I would be normal again health wise- but my own fears & apprehensions & mental block did not allow me to bring myself to solve my situation , the solution was there –but my own fears were holding me back –and I suffered for 2yrs sometimes I would really what I did so wrong that I was suffering so much – I didn`t have to –I could have done the surgery and put an end to it- but I made myself suffer!!

Dr. Manjiri is such a kind soul & her words & genuine concern for me gave me confidence. She never rushed me, and made me feel uncomfortable . She allowed me my time and space to trust the process-which was a big thing for me .Dealing with her I began to get the confidence that the surgery would go well & I would be healed I must say that even the needle pricks were done so skillfully to the point of painless . I trusted her fully – and she actually gained it with her love, care & knowledge

I did the surgery on 15th June. I walked home that evening I had no problem. The anesthetic wore off as expected, no infections no complications – NO PROBLEM. I have three tiny scars which aren’t really visible. I was out of the house in 10 days resuming my life. In three weeks I was flying around. In 4 weeks I went on my adventure trips, resumed my workouts. Six weeks later my life is back!! I look back & see that I wasted 2 years OF MY LIFE! I could have done so much! And the pain wasn’t worth it!

I was once bitten by a street dog & refused the rabies shot. I have refused tetanus injections when I was injured. I refused to participate in ‘survivor’ the show on TV because it required Hepatitis vaccination. So you can imagine my fear for surgery. I feel the correct doctor, the correct procedure and the correct care is of utmost importance & I found it all with Dr. Manjiri and her team! This has been my first medical experience – a surgery & it has totally changed my viewpoint about medical science & increased my affinity & admiration for doctors, especially for Dr. Manjari.

Her team at BEAMS is like angels watching over you, cheering you up and ensuring you are cared for like family! I got my life back! I am 100% healed and feel on top of the world.

In gratitude & in admiration,

– Priya Kumar

(Author and motivational speaker)