I was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid two years ago. My symptoms-terrible menstrual cramps that I could not bear. Even after eating 8 ibrufens a day, it would not bring relief. Surgery was a recommendation by all gynaecs that I went to well, I used to be petrified of needles and I have never had surgery. I have never had an illness where I had to visit a doctor, let alone being admitted in hospital- so surgery was too much for me to digest .So I decided to do alternate therapy! I started off on homeopathy with a renowned homeopath in India.

After two months of homeopathy – I had acne all over my face (I have never had pimples or acne all my life. I have always had a clear skin). And my hair began to fall. I would lost almost 1/4 th of my hair!! My confidence was going to the rocks and for the first time in 40yrs I began to wear makeup every day! And even considered buying a wig! I went for the sonography and there was no improvement in the size of the fibroid – and the pain was getting worse. The homeopathy treatment was very restrictive- no chemical shampoo etc, no coffee, no perfumes, no spicy, no this no that- I complied to it all – but it didn`t work for me. I spoke to few ladies whose fibroid shrunk with homeopathy but they were near menopause, anyway. So I stopped it.

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– Priya Kumar


I was obese with 136 kg from last 3 years, then I came across one of my college friend. She told me about her mother who had bariatric surgery with Beams Hospitals, Bangalore and lost 40 kg. I was very happy, impressed and highly motivated and came to beams hospital and met Dr. Anand in December 2014. Again I came back in March 2015 and met Dr. Priyanka who emphasized on importance of surgery and I got lot of confidence to go for surgery. And later on 8th April 2015 I got my surgery done. I was started with liquid diet before surgery and lost 5kg which gave me a great boost. Now after 5 months i have already reduced 39 kg’s. I am extremely happy with Beams Hospitals and whole team including Doctors, Nursing staff, front desk and management who helped me as I came alone to hospital and they took care as a family.

– Madhuri Kumari


I had admitted my mom age of 80 years for Laproscopic Surgery. We were a bit worried because of surgery at this age. But warm welcome showed by Dr.Manjari Kawade made my mom relax and she was more positive than me about the surgery. Dr. Manjari’s nature and concern helped us to go for further treatment. We are very much thankful to her. Moreover the atmosphere at BEAMS never made us feel that we are at a hospital, thanks to all staff,nurses, attenders, and all the visiting doctors. We had a very nice experience (treatment)right from admission to discharge, all from top to bottom i.e from Dr.Manjari Kawade, Dr. Ashwin,Nursing, caretaker maushi to Security Guards.

– Jaitesh Jain


Everything about the way Beams functions is so disciplined and organised. However, what is more noteworthy is smiling faces of doctors and other staff members everywhere, which relieve all stress, pain and anxiety of patients.

I was previously fearful of undergoing surgery. However, everything went well for me here. According to me Beams is the best Hospital be it the knowledge of doctors or their attitude.

– Nishita Thawrani


Doctors give enough time to answer all patient queries. What I would never be able to forget is that I was walking the corridor and Dr. Manju Sinha came up to me. She held me by my hand, took me to my room and personally did my check-up. I would surely recommend Beams to others.

– Reba Sarkar


I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of my husband Vikas Sethi and my Family to Thank You and Your Team for the wonderful assistance and guidance given to me during my delivery period and stay at Beams Hospital.

The atmosphere at this hospital is very warm and homely which gives one a sense of home being also the staff members have a kind attitude and consideration not only towards the patient but also towards the guests and particularly I would like to mention and thank Dr Pratima, Dr Manjali, Nurse Hema and Nurse Alpa for their brilliant assistance and patience.

I would happily recommend Beams Mumbai to anyone. I wish Beams staff all the best and thank you for everything.

– Priya Sethi


I don’t see a hospital? I see hospitality

I don’t see Doctors- I see human healers

I don’t see sickness- I see BEAMS OF LIGHT

God bless you

– Shyma

Good Climate, infrastructure, nice ambience patient friendly.

– Ambarish Kumar S


We have heard from friend that everything is excellent that’s why we preferred BEAMS.

– Parveen Agrawal


Good, approachable in terms of Doctor (Nupur) as well as receptionist. I will come in future anytime when require.

– Promila Angom


I am delighted with quick services and Doctors need this in India

– Madana Roshan