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Painless Delivery

Beams Hospital Bangalore offersthe service of painless delivery to first-time mothers who are paranoid about the pain they have to tolerate during childbirth. We make use of advanced technology through sophisticated equipment and state-of-the-art facilities to make sure we offer the best services to our patients. We have a team of specialists and support staff which is dedicated to provide excellent care both during and after the childbirth.
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You don’t have to undergo pain anymore during childbirth. We, at Beams Hospital Bangalore, have all the facilities for performing painless deliveries that will result in healthy and comfortable mothers and babies. We have performed many painless deliveries that have proved very successful and satisfactory to our patients.

A few years ago, pregnant women would prepare themselves to tolerate the pain during childbirth as they had no other option. The causes for this pain are contraction of uterus and stretching of muscles and ligaments as the child passes through the birth passage. While this pain would scare the would-be mothers, it would also result in unpleasant memories and even mental trauma. In most cases this may result in high Blood pressure for the mother which could even cause some amount of distress to the baby. However, today you don’t have to go through all this. The advancement in anesthesia has made it possible today to perform painless deliveries.

Painless delivery involves deposit of anesthetic medicine around the nerves that take the sensation of pain from your uterus to your brain. This way, without reducing the contraction of the uterus we can make it painless. In fact, what we do is actually numbing the feeling of your pain. A small catheter or tube of about 2mm size is inserted through a needle between the two vertebra bones in your back. The insertion of this tube also causes very minimal pain and the process takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Give another 15 to 20 minutes for the drugs to start their action and you are on your way to give birth to your baby without any pain at all. The epidural injection is given when the cervical dilation is about 3 to 4 cms and when you arc your body during the active delivery process or labour.

Advantages of Painless Deliveries:

Many women choose painless deliveries in place of normal childbirth or Caesarean Section because of the following advantages:

» Epidural analgesia provides a lot of comfort to both the mother and the baby. It interferes with the secretion of hormones that might cause distress to the baby.

» It lowers the level of blood pressure in mothers. This could be especially helpful for those who already have hypertension

» Painless delivery can work out well for mothers who are suffering from heart disease. This will reduce their anxiety and make them feel relaxed during childbirth.

» Since the contractions are painless, they will be much more coordinated in case of painless deliveries. As a result the delivery will be faster.

» In case of any risk situation or complication a caesarean section can be performed using the same tube

» Epidural analgesia given during painless deliveries work well for both normal delivery as well as delivery using instruments like forceps or vacuum

» For mothers who are scared about tolerating the pain painless delivery can be the best option.

» It doesn’t affect the baby in any way. The baby will be active as the drugs given do not act on either the uterus or the baby.

When it comes to painless deliveries, we, at Beams Hospital Bangalore, make sure we take all the precautions so that they don’t leave any kind of permanent effect on your nerves. The epidural we give is active only for 100 minutes. Throughout your childbirth, our anesthetist will be with you to extend the anesthesia in case required. This will have no effect on your subsequent pregnancies.

Complications related to painless deliveries:

We, at Beams Hospital Bangalore, have a vast experience when it comes to performing painless deliveries. Our specialists have complete knowledge about the complications and risks that may be associated with such deliveries. We follow all the steps required to avoid any risks or complications that may include:

» Hypotension: We always make sure your blood pressure is sufficient to ensure adequate oxygenation to the baby. We will avoid any kind of respiratory distress, either for you or your baby during the childbirth.

» Postpartum urinary dysfunction or urinary retention: While this is a common problem in such type of deliveries, we take all the necessary precautions to avoid such situations. We generally place the urinary catheter at the time we give you the epidural. This will also lower any risk of developing a urinary tract infection later. » Vomiting and Nausea: To avoid nausea and vomiting we administer antacid beforehand.

» Fever and infection: To prevent any kind of infection or fever we give you an IV antibiotic, which will also keep your baby away from infections.

» Spinal headaches: Our specialists are experts in administering epidural anesthesia in the correct way which will avoid any side effects including spinal headaches.

» Postpartum hemorrhage: We, at Beams Hospital Bangalore, keep monitoring our patients during painless deliveries and this helps us avoid any kind of postpartum hemorrhage.

Your health and safety is our top priority at Beams Hospital Bangalore. We make sure you deliver a healthy baby and you remain healthy even after the painless deliveries.