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18th A Road, Khar (West), Mumbai 400 052
Phone : +91 22 3941 7700

The Mumbai centre is the flagship centre of Beams hospital. Beams Mumbai is an exclusive centre of excellence for women, providing them with international quality facilities, ambiance, equipment and expertise.

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Mumbai-BEAMS- Gynecology

The Gynecology department of Beams Hospital Mumbai provides many kinds of treatments especially for women. Starting from the age of puberty to menopause, a woman goes through various stages, facing challenges at each and every phase. We try to meet every health requirement by providing apt treatments for hormonal imbalances, reproductive disorders, pregnancy complications, child-birth as well as menopause. Through our dedicated team of gynecologists and support staff we have provided the best care possible for all our patients. We have sophisticated equipment and state-of-the-art facilities to help us reach our objectives.
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Giving birth to her child is the most precious moment in a woman’s life. Beams Hospital Mumbai makes this experience very special for you, providing you the required support throughout your journey, with complete dedication. Our maternity services are of top-quality with excellent treatments that will ensure the best of health for both mother and the baby.

Our gynecology department has luxurious birthing suites with fetal monitors to monitor the condition of your fetus until you deliver. We perform normal deliveries, Caesarean sections as well as painless deliveries. We have the entire infrastructure that is required along with state-of-the-art equipment. Through dedicated team of specialists and support staff, we take every step possible to make sure we give the best care to all our patients. Our operating rooms are fully equipped to carry out cesarean section deliveries in a comfortable manner. We also have adequate labour rooms to perform normal deliveries.

We understand the concern of your family members and encourage your spouse to be along with you throughout the process of childbirth so that you can share your joyous moments together. We will dedicate a nurse who will be with you at all times, preparing you for child-birth and helping you recover after the delivery. Our staff members are always there, attending to you and monitoring your condition with their warm and friendly manners. We have blood-bank facilities that work 24/7, with adequate blood of all blood-groups We also have sophisticated and well-equipped NICU facilities along with a Tertiary level nursery. You can make use of our ambulance services at any time.

Maternity services:

Under maternity services, we, at Beams Hospital Mumbai offer:

» Counseling and Assessment
» Appropriate Care for patients who are termed as High-Risk
» Complete Antenatal Care
» Child-birth through normal delivery, cesarean section and painless delivery
» Steps to minimize pain relief during labour
» Top-quality Postnatal Care

Child-birth comes with its own risks and complications. The causes for these may include existing health problems of the mothers or even a few unforeseen circumstances. Some of these risks may even prove fatal to the mother and her baby. Nevertheless, you can rest assured when you come to Beams Hospital Mumbai, as we are well-prepared to handle any kind of risk without taking any stress. Through specially trained staff who are well-versed in the latest technology equipment, we make sure we take full care of you and your new-born, in the best way possible.

Types of surgeries / procedures:

In treating various ailments pertaining to women, we, at Beams Hospital Mumbai, perform many kinds of surgeries and procedures that include:

Laparoscopic surgeries to remove tumors and cysts: Laparoscopic surgeries are minimal invasive surgeries that are apt to remove tumors and cysts. Such a surgery involves a few small incisions made into the abdomen in order to insert a laparoscope and some surgical instruments. This helps the surgeons in viewing the exact images of the abdominal cavity on the video monitors. The procedure will be completed with total accuracy and in a faster way.
minimally invasive surgeries for the removal of uterus as well astumors of large-size
Hysteroscopic surgeries for treating complications such as adhesions, intrauterine fibroids and even double uterus. We insert a hysteroscope into your uterus via your cervix that will help us to diagnose and treat various uterine conditions.
endoscopic surgeries

Your safety is our top priority and we make sure you receive treatments from specialists who are well-experienced and well-qualified in performing the relevant surgeries and procedures. Years of experience has helped us in devising excellent diagnostic as well as therapeutic techniques that have proven to be safe, effective and 100% accurate. Our objective is to make sure the patients recover faster from their ailments, without facing much of pain during the treatments. We will make sure there is no or minimal amount of scarring.

Our Treatments:

We, at Beams Hospital Mumbai, provide a wide range of treatments including:


We offer excellent treatments for women who are suffering from pelvic floor defects and urological problems that may be related to vagina, uterus, rectum, urethra or the bladder. We diagnose and treat many problems such as:

» Urinary leak or incontinence
» Pelvic organ prolapse related to rectum, uterus or bladder
» Problems with emptying of bladder or bowel
» Pelvic pain due to interstitial cystitis

Based on the patient’s condition, we decide whether to administer a surgical treatment or a non-surgical one.

Gynae Endocrinology:

Hormonal imbalances and endocrinal dysfunctions are quite common in women. We treat various problems that are related to the same including:

» Growth and Development related issues
» Polycystic ovarian syndrome
» Menstrual Problems
» Hirsutism
» Problems related to contraception or sexuality
» Peri-pubertal obesity


Probably the most difficult phase in a woman’s life is Menopause. We, at Beams Hospital Mumbai, try to make this phase as comfortable as possible by providing treatments for various issues such as hot flashes, Vaginal dryness, vaginal discharge, pain during sex, urinary problems, prolapse, changes in hair-growth, cardiac problems and issues related to emotional or mental health.
Every woman is precious and this is what we believe at Beams Hospital Mumbai. Therefore we provide the best through treatments to treat various problems that most women face.

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