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Caesarian Section

Beams Hospital Bangalore offers utmost protection for the new mother and the baby through its safe surgical procedures under Caesarian section. The only thing that is on our mind while we welcome your baby into this world, is the health of you and your baby. Although normal delivery is what we would always try, we do not believe in taking risks when it comes to the life of the mother and the baby. We have a dedicated team of gynecologists, obstetricians, anesthetists and support staff who are very passionate about providing the best care possible for the mother and the baby. We have state-of-the-art facilities and sophisticated equipment of latest technology to assist us in keeping our goal high at all times.
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When normal delivery might seem risky either for you or your baby, caesarian section is always the best option to go for. The other reasons would include multiple deliveries or caesarian sections performed upon request. As far as possible we wait till 39 weeks of gestation before we do a caesarean section or a C section. Usually we schedule C section procedures, while there are times when we may have to do it as a response during unforeseen circumstances.

C section generally refers to a surgical procedure that involves an incision in the mother’s abdomen and one more in her uterus. An epidural is usually given before the procedure that will numb the lower part of your body, keeping you awake and alert during the birth of your baby. We, at Beams Hospital Bangalore, make sure you are completely numb before we start the surgery. We may even give you an antacid as a precautionary measure before we start the surgery. This could be very useful in case we need to give you general anesthesia. Antibiotics will ensure there are no infections after the surgery. We welcome and encourage your partner to witness the procedure and be with you throughout the child-birth.

Our team of specialists involving gynecologists, obstetricians, anesthetists and support staff ensure there are no complications during or after the procedure of C section. Our dedicated team members have seen and successfully handled many cases of:

» Abnormal presentation of fetus (transverse or breech positions)

» Dystocia or a labour that fails to progress

» prolonged labour

» cord prolapse

» fetal distress

» uterine rupture

» Hypertension in either the mother or the baby after the amniotic rupture

» placental problems such as placenta Previa, placenta accrete or placental abruption

» tachycardia or an increased heart rate in either the mother or the baby after the amniotic rupture

» baby weighing more than 4000g

» any abnormalities with the umbilical cord such as vasa Previa, velamentous insertion, succenturiate-lobed placentas or multilobate including bilobate

» concomitant disease or pre-existing conditions or various complications in pregnancy such as:

o high-risk fetus
o pre-eclampsia
o HIV infection of the mother
o Previous uterine rupture
o A longitudinal C section done previously
o STDs or Sexually transmitted diseases if any, such as genital herpes
o Problems with previous healing of perineum such as Crohn’s disease
o Bicornuate uterus

Risks associated with Caesarean Section:

We take all kinds of precautions before performing the Caesarean section so as to avoid risks such as:

» Postoperative adhesions: Adhesions refer to the scar tissues that may be formed between the bowel loops or on the inner lining of the abdominal wall, which is the peritoneal lining. It can even be formed on other organs in the abdominal cavity such as the gallbladder, liver, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes or the urinary bladder. This is a normal method of healing when there is inflammation.

» Incisional hernias: At times you may notice a protrusion or bulge near your surgical incision. This is usually referred to as incisional hernia. These hernias tend to occur along a straight line starting from the sternum to the pubis. Suture techniques may lead to recurrence of such hernias. Therefore, we, at Beams Hospital Bangalore, use synthetic mesh to get rid of incisional hernias. This method of repair is usually tension-free.

» Wound infections: Although it is impossible to prevent wound infections at all times, we, at Beams Hospital Bangalore, try our level best to avoid them through proper administration of antibiotics before surgery and appropriate post-surgical care.

» Blood loss: Our specialists are experts in performing Caesarean section with minimal blood-loss. However, just to be on the safer side, we have an all-equipped blood bank that is open 24/7, full stocked and operational. As soon as we feel there is a need for blood transfusion, we make the arrangements immediately.

» Anesthesia risks: Our Anesthesiologists are well-trained and experienced enough to prevent any kind of anesthesia risks such as pain, postdural puncture, hypotension, hypothermia or spinal headaches. In case any such risk does come into the picture we are well-equipped to handle the same without any problems.

Steps taken to Minimize Postoperative complications:

We see to it that you don’t face any infertility problems after your Caesarean section. Also, we will make sure you face no problems in your subsequent pregnancies or childbirths. We take all the necessary steps in order to minimize postoperative complications.

o We handle tissues with utmost care
o We use powder-free surgical gloves only
o We take all measures to control bleeding
o We choose implants and sutures very carefully
o We always believe in keeping the tissues moist
o We take all steps to prevent any kind of infection from occurring

One thing you can be sure of when you step into Beams Hospital Bangalore is quality care. Your health is our top most priority and all that we do are centered on this goal only.